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Our Team


Our specially trained maths instructors will teach your child how to understand maths in an individual setting; our unique approach enables us to explain concepts really well and lend a helping hand to every student. Our tutors foster a caring, encouraging environment that helps children thrive and learn! Read below to learn more about our talented team: 


Salman Shoaib Salman Shoaib, Executive Director

Salman believes that everyone can be good at maths, much in the same way that all of us can speak at least one language really well. Having studied and taught maths at University level, he realised quite early that there are proven tools, techniques and methods that make the subject easier and more fun - the key is to teach in a way that student understands and thrives, using the right materials. That's why he became interested in Mathnasium's approach, with a rigorous focus on assessment, customised learning programmes and making mathematics more fun and intuitive. 

He holds a BA degree from Brown University (Magna cum laude) and an MPhil degree from the University of Cambridge. He has lived in Singapore for the past 12 years with children who have attended United World College (Dover Campus) . His son is now at Yale University, USA, majoring in Mathematics, and he has a daughter who is also at Yale majoring in English Literature.


Kyle Tan, Centre Director Kyle Tan, Centre Director

Kyle recently relocated back to Singapore with his family from Canada. Prior to the relocation, Kyle lived in Toronto, Canada, for 16 years. He started his career in Business Intelligence with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and eventually moved out of that industry to start his first Mathnasium centre in Ontario, Canada in 2017. With the help of a great mentor from Mathnasium Lakeview and countless education training opportunities from Mathnasium Home Office, Kyle witnessed more than 500 children benefit from his passion for making math make sense. It was in the middle of 2021 when Kyle and his wife decided to relocate back to their roots in Singapore so that their two daughters would have an opportunity to be closer to their grandparents.

Having gone through the math education system and demanding tuition routines in Singapore since Primary 2. Kyle is extremely convinced that the children in Singapore can greatly benefit from the Mathnasium Method, especially given that our materials are aligned with the MOE's curriculum and the various international School's curriculum. 

Kyle started teaching maths to his older daughter at the age of 3 with Mathnasium Methods. Now, at 7 years old (2023) in the local primary school, his daughter is capable of doing 6 to 9 times tables, fraction equivalence questions, and problem solving questions at primary 3 level. 


Shafik Farouk, Mathnasium i12 Katong TeacherMohamed Shafik, Assistant Centre Director

Shafik has been teaching mathematics for the past 5 years in education centres and an international school, at primary and secondary levels. He is a founding instructor when Mathnasium Singapore opened its doors in Singapore in 2021, hence he is well-versed in Mathnasium's curriculum and methods. He has always had a love for mathematics and enjoys coming up with different methods to solve various mathematics questions. He is a strong believer in the value of good instruction in building maths skills. That is why he was intrigued by Mathnasium's teaching methods, which improve students' confidence by providing them with a customised learning plan catered to their needs, using specific skills and concepts to solve math problems in a way that is fun and understandable. 

Shafik graduated from Nanyang Technological University with a Bachelor's Degree. He always strives to do his best and hopes to inspire the same drive and motivation in his students. During his free time, he enjoys spending quality time with his family and friends and also enjoys playing sports. He believes that having strong support at home as well as staying healthy creates greater motivation to do well in work and school. 


Sonia, In-Centre Instructor

Darryl Tan, Instructor, In-Centre & @Home Instructor

Darryl graduated from the University of Buffalo with a degree in Business accounting. He's worked in the education industry for more than 5 years and his goal has always been to guide the new generation of students to improve critical thinking. His motto is to improve oneself by overcoming one's limits.

His hobbies include chess and puzzle solving.

His love for Mathnasium stems from their targeted approach to helping a child tackle their problems, which is similar to puzzle solving.


Sonia, In-Centre Instructor

Esther Tan, Instructor, In-Centre & @Home Instructor

Her passion is teaching. Esther worked for 4 years at a preschool and 1.5 years at a right-brain training center. She adored teaching math, as it had been her interest since secondary school. She hopes to become a math teacher after being inspired by her math teachers. She hopes to turn her love of math into a career with the Mathnasium Methods. 
Esther earned a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education from Singapore University of Social Sciences in 2022. She is committed to using Mathnasium Methods to engage youngsters in their learning and foster their passion of mathematics! She enjoys going to the gym, dancing, and cycling in her spare time. Stay active, no matter how hectic your life is!


Sonia, In-Centre Instructor

Rachel Oon, Instructor, In-Centre Instructor

Hi I’m Rachel! Students will usually see me teaching in the centre on Saturdays. I enjoy solving math questions, puzzle-solving and find it interesting to find different ways to work a solution out. I also enjoy working with children, and hope to help them find fun in math. I aspire to work with math, technology and data in my future career :)


Sonia, In-Centre Instructor

Calvin Teng, Instructor, In-Centre Instructor

Hello! I am Calvin, and I am currently an undergraduate studying Mathematics. I am currently working part-time at Mathnasium on Sundays and occasional weekdays. I enjoy swimming, watching dramas and reading mystery books in my free time. My career goal is either to be teaching Mathematics, Finance or Data Analytics.