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Beat the Holiday Slide with MathnasiumDuring the holiday period, your child’s maths skills are in danger of slipping. Studies have shown that during holidays children can lose some of what they’ve learned during the school year.

Why not consider holiday activities that can give them a big advantage when school resumes after the break? Our Mathnasium Holiday Programme works effectively to establish a foundation for Maths mastery through deep understanding, with outcomes superior to other holiday programmes. And don’t worry - your child will still enjoy the break. Because we make learning maths fun.


Starting from Primary/Grade 1 to 6, you can choose the programme that is suitable for your child. Each programme is 12 hours long (2h x 6 sessions) and parents have flexible booking times.

The Maths Explorer!

Recommended for Primary/Grade 1 – 2 students - focuses on Numerical and Multiplication Fluency, exploring basic fractions, problem solving, games and etc

The Maths Adventurer!

Recommended for Primary/Grade 3 – 4 students - focuses on Factors and Multiples, working with fractions addition and subtraction, problem solving, games and etc

The Maths Conqueror!

Recommended for Primary/Grade 5 – 6 students - focuses on Problem solving involving Fractions, Ratios and Percentage, exploring area and perimeter for squares, rectangles, triangles and circles, games and etc.




Our Mathnasium PSLE Bootcamps are intensive revision sessions that cover the essential content knowledge and maths skills necessary for specific topics to boost your child’s preparation for PSLE.

Choose the bootcamps that you would like to focus on. You can sign up for 1 bootcamp or all 4. Each bootcamp consists of 6 sessions and each session is 2 hour (so 12 hours in total).


PSLE Maths Bootcamp!


  Bootcamp 1: Whole Numbers, Factors and Multiples


  Bootcamp 2: Fractions/Ratio/Percentage

  Bootcamp 3: Area and Perimeter

  Bootcamp 4: Volume, Rate and Speed


Bookings are now open and you can book sessions by clicking the link below:


Please note:

All sessions are two hours long and each package consists of 6 sessions (so 12 hours in total).

Bookings are available from now and packages must be used within 3 months of enrolment.

Timings are 2.45pm or 4pm on weekdays, and 10am or12.30pm on weekends. Bookings are entirely flexible and can be moved or cancelled up to 24 hours before.

You can pick any times for each individual lesson (we will provide access to our booking app through the link)  - and you can easily reschedule.

Other terms and conditions apply. We will formally enroll your child during the first session.

Please feel free to WhatsApp us on 9125 4824 with any questions!