PSLE Preparation – Advanced Learning Plan

Mathnasium’s curriculum is designed to support the Singapore maths curriculum, whilst retaining topics that are taught by international schools. Learning is customised to meet the needs of each student, taught personally with no classes. We are now offering the Advanced Learning Program, which is a PSLE preparation program providing students the opportunity to supplement their reasoning, heuristic and problem solving skills.


Mathnasium offers students in Singapore's local schools a program that is designed to support the MOE syllabus and that combines all the advantages of Mathnasium’s teaching approach with Singapore schools exam style questions. Our program provides a particularly strong approach to PSLE preparation. In general students will undertake the Advanced Learning Program if they are in P4, preparing them for the PSLE through exam style questions which supplement Mathnasium's core program

We will initially assess your child to establish how best to meet their learning needs. For children testing at P3 level or below, we will focus on the Mathnasium program to ensure we have closed gaps. Once they are at P4 level or above, we will introduce them to our Advanced Learning Program, which will include exam style questions for part of each Mathnasium session.


Mathnasium's curriculum provides international students with an assessment based approach and a wealth of materials that meet the child at the level they are at. We have found our approach to be extremely effective for students in a wide range of international schools, as our curriculum seeks to cover relevant topics that either close gaps or cover new areas.

The Advanced Learning Program will offer an enhanced experience for international school students. Increasingly, we are seeing international schools introduce more of these kinds of questions into their curriculum, so this will provide an opportunity for children to strengthen their maths problem solving skills.