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October/November 2014 Newsflash: Tips & Techniques

Oct 16, 2014

From time to time, we get lucky and the computation we have to do can be solved using a specific technique or trick that allows us to do effortless mental math.     Level 1:   12 x 125 = _______   The trick to this quest...

October/November 2014 Newsflash: Math Matters

Oct 16, 2014

Now that you're starting to settle into your fall routine, it's time for that first report card! While this may seem like a stressful time at first, it can also be a very constructive period for you and your child. Here are a few strategies to hel...

October/November 2014 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

Oct 16, 2014

Grades 1 - 5: Annie looked into a dog park and observed the dogs and their owners. She counted 50 legs. With a total of 16 "beings" (dogs and/or owners), how many dogs and how many owners are in the dog park? (Hint: Annie is not in the dog park.) ...

August/September 2014 Newsflash: Tips & Techniques

Aug 14, 2014

"Thinking backwards"-starting at the end of the problem and using reverse operations-can help you solve certain problems at different grade levels. Upper Elementary and Middle School: A certain number is doubled. That answer is tripled. Fina...

August/September 2014 Newsflash: Math Matters

Aug 14, 2014

We hope you had a great summer! A new school year is here once again, and it's time to get excited about possibilities that lie ahead. As you and your child navigate the back to school scramble, here are some tips to help you make the most of op...

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