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Is your child being left behind in Math?

Feb 27, 2013

When students can do these questions (at their grade level and below), mentally - without using pencil and paper - they are likely doing well. For students who can't handle these questions, this is a warning sign. Very often they need help outside...

Weekly Math Fact: Prime Numbers

Feb 20, 2013

The longest prime number has been discovered and it's 17,425,170 digits long, surpassing the prior number discovered in 2008 which was a measly 12,978,189 digits long. Discovered by University of Central Missouri mathematician Curtis Cooper, the n...

Daily Math Laugh

Feb 15, 2013

Rule of Thumb: Math may seem strict, but we have a sense of humor.  Check out our Pinterest for a little laugh!

Making Math Crystal Clear

Feb 6, 2013

Cari Waggoner at our Mathnasium in Granger, MN made the most of the icy conditions.

Larry on the subject of Math Anxiety

Feb 4, 2013

The bell rings and everyone takes their seats. The teacher passes out the test and, with sharpened pencils, everyone prepares to turn the page and begin. The student next to you flips open the first page and seems to begin answering questions with...

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