Aug / Sept 2015 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

By Mathnasium | Added Aug 17, 2015

Grades 1-6:

Recycling centers pay $2 per pound for aluminum and 50 cents for every pound of plastic. Tony has collected 10 pounds of plastic bottles and 5 1/2 pounds of aluminum cans. If he turns it in at the recycling center, how much money will Anthony get in return?

Answer: $16

Grades 6 and above:

Jordan has a bag of coins consisting of dimes and nickels. In this bag there are 6 more nickels than dimes. If the coins in the bag totaled $2.55, how many of each coin does Hannah have?

Answer: 15 dimes and 21 nickels

Answers to Last Month's Math Muscle Challenge:

Grades 1-6: 32 ducks

Grades 6 and above: 3366