Happy Valentine's Day!

By Renee | Added Feb 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! We want to share our love for math and our Mathnasium family today with a fun Valentine's Day problem! Can you solve it?

Billy buys a box of chocolates to give to his secret admirer. Half of the chocolates are milk chocolate, a quarter are dark chocolate, and the remaining 8 pieces are white chocolate. How many total chocolates can Billy give his secret admirer?

Send your answer in to ilovemath@mathnasium.com for a chance to win one of three $20 Amazon gift cards!

 3 winners will be randomly selected from correct entries and announced on Monday, February 16th. 



Answer: 32 chocolates

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! We were overwhelmed with the wonderful response, and so many correct answers! All the entries have been tallied and three randomly selected correct entries were selected as winners. Congratulations to Aidan D., Jackson B., and Emma C. on their wins! They have been contacted and prizes are on the way!