Finish the School Year Strong!

By Renee | Added Feb 12, 2015


With only a few months left in the school year, it’s time to focus on math improvement to ensure your child finishes the year strong!

Here are a few tips for making sure those final grades exceed expectations.


Identify Troublesome Topics

By now you know if your child is struggling, excelling or somewhere in between in their math classes. If they are struggling, it’s important to identify which concepts don’t make sense, and which foundational areas they could improve upon. Mathnasium’s team of instructors test core competencies and work to address any foundational gaps that could cause trouble down the road. Once we’ve got those foundational areas fortified, it’s all about learning and practicing in a way that makes sense to your child, and makes them confident and excited to tackle their upcoming challenges.

If your child is excelling, congratulations! There is always a new challenge around the corner, and it’s important to get ahead and stay ahead. Our instructors will make sure your child is challenged and that they’re progressing at a strong pace for their level, even if they are beyond their grade level material.


Communicate With Teachers

Make sure you understand what the rest of the year has in store for your child’s math curriculum and any upcoming events that will affect their grade. No one can better clue you in to your child’s upcoming schedule than their teacher. Keep the lines of communication between you, your child and their teacher open and strong, and fill your Mathnasium team in on what curriculum your child will be encountering so we can make sure they’re on the right track and ready to conquer any new material.


Make a Schedule of Important Dates

Make sure both you and your child are aware of upcoming quizzes, tests and finals. If you have standardized tests in the near future, be sure to allot enough preparation time. Let your Mathnasium team know your important dates so we can help plan and prepare your child for success!


Build Confidence With Frequent Exposure

Nothing builds confidence like frequent exposure to the types of problems your child will be seeing in homework, quizzes, exams and standardized tests. Make sure you schedule plenty of Mathnasium sessions to work through the material in a way that makes sense and builds confidence, not just cramming right before a test. We want to make sure your child ends the year with a strong, lasting understanding of the material they’ve learned, not just enough to pass this year’s class.


Now let’s get working on math improvement! We’re excited to help your child finish the school year with improved confidence, excellent grades, and a lasting understanding of math concepts that will carry on into their academic and professional careers.