June/July 2014 Newsflash: Math Muscle Challenge

By Mathnasium | Added Jun 5, 2014

Answers to last month's challenges:

Grades 1-6: $37.15
Grades 6 and up: 64 times larger

This month's problems:

Grades 1 - 6: 

Rick goes to the park each day and counts the number of ducks swimming on the pond. On Sunday he counts 1 duck. On Monday he counts 2 ducks. On Tuesday he counts 4 ducks.  On Wednesday he counts 8 ducks. If this pattern continues, how many ducks will Rick count on Friday?

Grades 6 and up: 

Richard put an important document into a safe with a four digit numerical combination. In order for his partner Kevin to retrieve the document he must enter the correct combination. Richard told Kevin that the first two digits are identical and the last two digits are identical (XXYY). He also said the third digit is the sum of the first two digits and the last digit is the square root of the number formed by the middle two digits. What is the combination? (*Hint - The middle two digits together form a number that is a perfect square.)